Holistic Aproach to Operational Excellence


Our Lean Consulting Team supports business partners with the development and implementation of continuous improvement initiatives to identify critical processes and control elements necessary to meet business objectives in highly dynamic ecosystems.

Cloud Application

nDory App enables organizations to visualize the ecosystem and plan the mission through a dynamic view of critical resources and events. Collaborators across echelons and distances can maintain situational awareness while automating many of their daily tasks.

TaktNet IoT Network

TaktNet is state of the art command, control, communications, and intelligence systems that improves situational awareness and decision-making throughout the ecosystem. Real-time sensor networking solutions, wireless sensor network systems, and monitoring and control solutions.

The Information Gap

Every business suffers from Information Gaps related to human interactions, legacy machinery, old facilities, ineffective ERP implementations and processes left behind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to integrate legacy systems, analog operations, disconnected human intensive operations, and those critical to business isolated processes into a collaborating decisions-making information system with simple but powerful platform.

How Do We Do It
Transforming Data Into intelligence

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of mapping the available information to study the desired processes. This data could come from ERP systems, connected machines, and others sources. For those disconnected processes we will modern techniques to consolidate them. When there is no data available or the process is human intensive and disconnected, we can use our TaktNet network and sensors to gather the appropriate information.


Integrate existing data into a single source by applying Business Intelligence and Big Data designs, Prescriptive Analytics and Machine Learning as applicable to Design, Detect, and Assess primary business intelligence.

Events \ Responce

We use nDory to collaborate globally with suppliers, customers, and operations as well as to document, assess, respond to customer processes specific workflows and approvals. Every event and generated Task has a responsibly team, due dates. That will allow us to maintain the information log and documentation of all activities related to the task.

Visualizations & Dashboards

We use nDory to collaborate globally with suppliers, customers, and operations as well as to document, assess, respond to customer processes specific workflows and approvals. Every event and generated Task has a responsibly team, due dates. That will allow us to maintain the information log and documentation of all activities related to the task.
Cloud Application

Defines Tasks / Plans

Order Task (OT)provides planned direction of processes or assets. This planning and execution package forwards production documents, inventory tasks, and specifications along with the methods and time constrains. It enhances operators during the sequence of operations, standard times, quality-control, inventory inputs, completion status, and a real-time “chat” window linked to actionable nodes for alignment. This will increase productivity through knowledge-empowered workers and enhance the ability to improve the KPIs.

Schedule Task and Requirements

The schedule module supports plans for manufacturing a product within a specific time frame. Each Task comprise lead times, start and complete dates, original “want” dates, and due dates. It includes elements such as personnel, budget, routing processes and resources. The module supports optimization of both: Static and Dynamic Planning. Thereby, enhancing the efficiency of the manufacturing process and reliable delivery commitments to customers.

KPI & Dashboards

KPIs provide a focus for strategic and tactical operating improvement. Our dashboard suite traces a path between quality data and indicators through a systematic planning process, an informed design, and critical thinking. Generates the analytical basis for decision-making and forwards attention on critical tasks. Reviews user specifics Dashboard with KPI. Customized and assigned based on the role of the user or the operations.

Audit Task

Our suite of audits protocols support and are tailored to our customer’s needs. They are performance oriented from recognized standards capable of identifying and analyzing process improvement opportunities that will increase performance, support transformation and reduce risks. The focus is on feedback; identification of root causes; strengths and weakness; and implementation of corrective actions. Regulatory inspection by proponent, standard, and frequency.

Chat \ Messenger \ Logs

Messaging/Chat enables secure, real-time communication and collaboration, combining humans and order tasks with instant messaging capabilities create a rich collaborative environment. These features enable person to person and group collaboration throughout the interfaces. Operators and managers exploit the benefits of workflows, notifications, and reports that enhances operational due diligence, issue management, ongoing monitoring processes, and mutual support.

Indoor Location / Map

 Our customers create a dynamic visual plan or Map of their operations , with a click/tab capabilities. The visualization capability and a tailored plant analysis enables a comprehensive understanding of the environment and informs decision-making to better address operational such as Inventory location, CUI assets, etc. In combination with TaktNet, assets and production orders are displayed in the map while communicating with the system.

Create Relationships To Other Task

Task can be related to another task. Example: A supplier underperforming event (Task), can be assigned a Corrective Action Request (Task), that yields to Personal Audit (Task).

Follow Workflows and Approvals

The status of a Task can have an unrelated flow or interdependent flow. The workflow follows a Role base permission.

Our Core Competencies
Industry Initiatives
OPEX/Lean Consulting

Our Lean Six Sigma Team develops and oversees the implementation of efforts to instill an enterprise approach to advisory and decision-making structures and processes within our client’s organization. The initiatives aim at reducing variation, improving efficiency, increase effectiveness, and achieve transformational results. With limited resources at the organization’s disposal, this efficiency approach builds synchronization by leveraging proven models and analytical tools to accelerate the Operational Excellence’s journey towards reliability, resiliency, and innovation. Our main goals are to achieve a fully Integrated Management System, re-engineer business processes for efficiency and effectiveness, and align management processes and programs with Operational Excellence Strategies.

Lean Supply Chain Management

Our team of Supply Chain experts provide a series of models that lay a strong analytical foundation for quantifying the application of inventory performance based on different structural changes and attributes of the Supply Chain. We aim at reducing inventory lead-times (LT) and making them more predictable and repeatable, reducing work-in-process (WIP), and implementing just-in-time (JIT) delivery strategies. The models are guided by five principles: (1) know the customer, (2) build a Lean Supply Chain, (3) build a tightly coupled information infrastructure, build tightly coupled business processes, and build a tightly coupled decision support system. Other benefits include: drives supplier to optimize performance, improve supplier standards and assurance, and increase visibility of supplier performance.

Environmental, Health & Safety

Our Safety Team provides expertise and experience to support our clients with EHS best practices. Our risk management framework and recommendations provide employers, workers, and community with a sound, flexible framework for addressing EHS issues in the workplace and beyond. EHS is fundamental and the center of influence of our Continuous Improvement (CI) program. As with any journey, the first step is often the most challenging. The idea is to begin with a basic program and grow from there. We support OSHA's seven core element program: Management Leadership, Worker Participation, Hazard Identification and Assessment, Hazard Prevention, & Control, Education & Training, Program Evaluation & Improvement, and Communication & Coordination.

Facilities Realignment

Our team assists our clients with Strategic Deployment to increase value optimization through the process of facilities closures and realignments. We aim to lower overhead and production costs by reducing operational redundancies, create additional revenue streams, attract skilled-workforce, and achieve economies of scale. Deployment Strategy includes: Plant Layout Strategies and Movement Strategies. Plant layout includes: Layout Planning Environments, Layout Types, and Layout for Streamline Production. Movement Critical Tasks include: movement plans and schedules, coordinate the technical preparation of equipment and inventory, documentation, special cargo handling requirements, compliance inspections, and safety.

Supplier Collaboration

nDory optimizes supplier relations and development by establishing acquisition strategies that support outstanding supplier-base acquisition. It supports centralized storage and analysis of information on suppliers in order to better manage them. The integrated data systems enable more detailed measures of supplier performance and allows the organization to better share information. The information sharing is frequent, detailed, and supplier-specific forecasts. The goals to supplier relations are: (1) establish program priorities (performance requirements); (2) enabling practices (design flexibility, cost-performance, and collaboration responsibilities); and (3) approaches for recognizing and incentivizing prime supplier performance.

Customer Collaboration

nDory supports the creation and maintenance of a robust relationships with clients that allows for the establishment of communication and trust in favor of the development of the Collaboration Strategy. It promotes the most appropriate service, planning and efficiency according to the capacity, needs, openness, and segmentation of clients. The goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship that begins before, and exists long after, the initial purchase.

Data Lake And Analytics

Prescriptive analytics, which seeks to find the best course of action for the future. Prescriptive analytics is often considered as the next step towards increasing data analytics maturity and leading to optimized decision-making ahead of time for business performance improvement. Prescriptive analytics can enable decision automation, provided that the challenges of uncertainty, dynamicity and complexity are faced effectively. Adaptation mechanisms for prescriptive analytics are of outmost importance in a dynamic environment.

TaktNet Indoor Tracking & Location

TaktNet is a network of wireless, real-time sensor system that collects and distributes digital data from many entities to end-users. Digitize inventory management and get real time information on asset location, assignment, and usage. By understanding asset status readiness and availability, we can optimize equipment costs and improve day-to-day efficiency on the jobsite with data-driven analysis. TaktNet solution enable you to monitor and analyze your equipment from virtually anywhere. Our solution improves adaptability, maintainability, scalability, and flexibility to meet the demanding requirements of modern ecosystem.

Standardized S&OP

Sales And Operations Planning requires data from all aspects of the supply chain. We have designed and built for our customers, a customed Business Intelligence System that gathers data from ERP systems, Quality Systems, Operations Systems to create a holistic view of the supply chain performance combined with Sales marketing and forecast. Executives can review with their teams Supplier Performance, Strategic Sourcing, Inventory Strategies, Operation Capacity, Customer Delivery Performance, Sales Marketing Promotion and Market Share Gain/Loss, and New Product Introduction.

This Business Intelligence data analytics and design has been incorporated in nDory database design and Reporting. It allows customer to collaborate at all levels of the organization from Engineering, Supplier, Operations, Sales and Customers.

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